library booksWelcome to the library area of Provincial Grand Lodge of Renfrewshire East.

Our facility consists of two main components.

1/ A Lending Library situated at Masonic Temple, Maxwellton Road, Paisley, PA1 2RD and a smaller secondary facility at Lodge St John, Busby 458 which together contain many hundreds of physical books on Freemasonry across the world, some of which are very old and rare.
These are available only to registered lodge members whose good standing has been confirmed.

2/ A Digital Book Library and masonic documents here on this website where you can select a book from multiple categories and read online or download for later reading. This facility is available to anyone.

To benefit from viewing what is available it is necessary to comply with our Registration, Login, and Profile checking requirements. This should take all of three minutes, but we have had one member claim to have done it in less than 30 seconds.

The Ars Quatuor Coronatorum (AQC) Index is available by clicking this link.
Please note this is a fairly large file and may take a few moments to download

It is in ZIP format so may need to be unzipped, which is simple to do.
The file may simply open in your browser for viewing without unzipping.
This is a setting that is controlled by your computer.

If you need to unzip, ask your own computer Start >> Help how to do this
Windows Ten you click the four squares in the bottom left corner and can just start typing your question.

Or if you use Cortana or Siri or Amazon voice recognition, simply ask the question, “how do I unzip a file”.