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Bright, Jack The Candidates Companion to the masonic Bible Symbolism
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Brown, J. R. Glammis No 99 Lodge History
Brown, W. George Washington Freemason History
Bryden, Robert Rosslyn A History of the Guilds, Masons and Rosy Cross Rosslyn Chapel
Burgess, Robert St . Clair No 427 Lodge History
Burl, Aubrey Gods Heretics Religion
Burman, Edward The Templars, Knights of God Knights Templars
Canada Beyond the Pillars Symbolism
Canonbie Papers The Canonbie Papers Volume 1, The Social Impact of Freemasonry on the Modern Western World History
Canonbie Papers The Canonbie Papers Volume 2, Freemasonry in Music and Literature History
Canonbie Papers The Canonbie Papers Volume 3, Freemasonry and Religion Many Faiths, One Brotherhood History
Canonbie Papers The Canonbie Papers Volume 5, Knowledge of the Heart History
Carlile, Richard A Ritual and Illustration of Freemasonry Rituals
Carlile, Richard Manual of Masonry, Knights Templars Degrees Knights Templars
Carr, Harry Mother Kilwinning No 0 Lodge History

Author Title Category
Carr, Harry Prestonian Lectures 1925 to 60 History
Carr, Harry Prestonian Lectures 1961 to 74 History
Carroll, James Sir Robert Moray No 1641 Lodge History
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Castells, F. Rev The Genuine Secrets in Freemasonry History
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Chalmers, Archie Provincial Grand Lodge of Ayrshire Lodge History
Charles River Editors The 10 Lost tribes of Israel History
Chisnell, Graham Ritual in Mind Self Improvement
Churchward, Albert Dr The Arcana of Freemasonry History
Churton, Tobias Freemasonry the Reality Symbolism
Churton, Tobias Freemasonry, The Reality General
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Cornwell, John Hitler’s Pope Religion
Crossan, John D. Who Killed Jesus Religion
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Cryer, N. B. Delving Further Beyond the Craft General
Cryer, N. B. I Just Didn’t Know That Symbolism
Cryer, N. B. The Royal Arch Journey Royal Arch
Cryer, N. B. What Do You Know about Ritual? Symbolism
Cryer, N. B. What do you know about the Royal Arch Royal Arch
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Daraul, A Secret Societies History
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Davis, Z. A. The Freemasons Monitor History
De Biasi, Jean Louis Secrets and Practices of the Freemasons Symbolism

Author Title Category
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Draffin, George The Making of a Mason General
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Lodge History

Duchane, Sangeet Freemasonry History American
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Edwards, John Inquisition Religion
Edwards, Lewis Guide to Masonic Speech Making Self Improvement
Faulks, Martin Laughter on the Level Self Improvement
Feather, Robert The Copper Scroll Decoded General
Ferguson, Tom Thistle No 87 Lodge History
Flett, James Kirkwall Kilwinning No 382

Lodge History

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Forster, S Miscellanea 1 Other Orders
Forster, S Miscellanea 2 Other Orders
Forster, S Ordo Templari Orientalis Other Orders
Forster, S Selected Papers on Theosophy Other Orders
Forster, S The Teutonic Knights Other Orders
Fort, George F. The Early History and Antiquities of Freemasonry History
Fraser, John A. Fort William No 43 Lodge History American
Gardner, Laurence Bloodline of the Holy Grail General
Gardner, Laurence The Shadow of Solomon General

Author Title Category
Gauld, William H. Union and Crown No 307 Lodge History
Geddes and Grosset The Complete Poems & Songs of Robert Burns Robert Burns
Gibson, G. F. The Real Secrets of Freemasonry Self Improvement
GL of Scotland An Account of the Chapel of Roslin 1778 Rosslyn Chapel
GL of Scotland Music For Masonic Ceremonies General
GL of Scotland Royal Order of Scotland Official Ritual Other Orders
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Glick, Carl A Treasury of Masonic Thought History
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Gould, R. F. The Concise History of Freemasonry History
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Grand Lodge of Scotland Famous Scottish Freemasons History
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Hammer, Andrew Observing the Craft General
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Handfield – Jones, R. M. Royal Ark Mariners History Other Orders
Hannah, Walton Darkness Visible Symbolism
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Harwood, Jeremy The Secret History of Freemasonry History
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Author Title Category
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Haywood H. L. & Craig J. E. A History of Freemasonry History
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Hobbs, J. Walter Masonic Speech Making 2 Self Improvement
Hobbs, J. Walter Masonic Speech Making 3 Self Improvement
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Holmes-Dallimore, A. The Freemasons All in All General
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Knight, C & Lomas, R. The Second Messiah General
Knight, Stephen The Brotherhood General
Knoop, Jones The Genesis of Freemasonry History
Knoop, Jones, Hamer The Early Masonic Catechisms History
Krieg, Robert A. Catholic Theologians in Nazi Germany Religion

Author Title Category
Lane, John Masonic Records UGLE 1717 to 1894 History
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Lawrence, Charles The Key to Modern Freemasonry History
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Lomas, Robert The Secret Science of Masonic Initiation Symbolism
Lomas, Robert The Secrets of Freemasonry General
Lomas, Robert Turning the Hiram Key General
Ludemann, Gerd Jesus after 2000 Years Religion
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Lyndsay, R. S. The Royal Order of Scotland Other Orders
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Mackey, Albert Revised Encyclopedia of Freemasonry, Volumes 1 and 2 History
Mackey, Albert The History of Freemasonry History
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Marshall, George Masonic Poems and Songs Self Improvement
Martin and Callaghan The Treasury of Masonic Thought History
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Martin, William M. Glennifer No 1219 Lodge History
McBeth, Donald Rosslyn St. Clair No 606 Lodge History
McCaig, H. Pollokshaws R. A. No 153 Lodge History

Author Title Category
McCartney, Colin Rutherglen R. A. No 116, 225th Anniversary Lodge History
McClintock, Chris The Craft and the Cross General
McCormack, Denis St. Barchan No 156, Bi-Centenary Lodge History
McFarlane, John D. Dunoon Argyl No 335 Lodge History American
McGee, Ramsay Seaforth No 854 Lodge History
McKillop, William Greenock St. John No 175 Lodge History
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Phillips, Graham The Search for the Grail General
Pick and Knight The Pocket History of Freemasonry History
Pick, F. L. and Knight N. The Pocket History of Freemasonry History

Author Title Category
Picket, L. & Prince, C. The Templar Revelation Knights Templars
Pike, Albert Masonic Formula and Rituals History
Pike, Albert Symbolism of the Blue Degrees of Freemasonry Symbolism
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Power, George A Masonic Miscellany Symbolism
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Prestiege H. H. History of the Allied Degrees Other Orders American
Province of Ontairio Manual for Masonic Instructors and Students Self Improvement
Quator Corinati Lodge Andersons Constitutions 1723 & 1738 History
Ramsden, J. W. St. James No 713 Lodge History
Rees D. A. A Landmark in Operative Freemasonry History
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Rees, Julian Tracing Boards of the Degrees Symbolism
Renfrew, J. Provincial Grand Lodge of Renfrewshire East Lodge History
Rich, P. J. Elixir of Empire General American
Ridley, Jasper A Brief History of the Freemasons History
Ridley, Jasper The Freemasons History
Robert Lomas Invisible College History
Robert Lomas The Secrets of Freemasonry History
Roberts, Allan E. The Mystic Tie History
Roberts, Allen E. Brother Truman: The Masonic Life and Philosophy of Harry S. Truman History
Roberts, Allen E. House Undivided, The Story of Freemasonry and the Civil War History
Roberts, Allen E. Key to Freemasonry’s Growth Self Improvement
Roberts, Allen E. Seekers of Truth History
Roberts, Allen E. The Craft and it’s Symbols Symbolism
Roberts, Allen E. The Search for Leadership Self Improvement
Robertson, J. Ross History of Freemasonry in Canada Volume 1 & 2 History
Robinson, John J. Born in Blood History
Robinson, John J. Dungeon, Fir and Sword, The Knights Templars in the Crusades Knights Templars
Satinover, J. The Truth behind the Bible Code Religion
Scobbie, Nicol Zetland No 391 Lodge History
Scott, Roy Glasgow Kilwinning No 4 Lodge History
Seggie, J. S. Journeymens Masons No 8 Lodge History

Author Title Category
Shepperd-Jones, G. S. Ten Talks on the Holy Royal Arch Royal Arch
Sheville, J & Gould J. L. Guide to the Royal Arch Chapter Royal Arch
Short, Martin Inside the Brotherhood General
Sinclair, Andrew The Secret Scroll General
Sinclair, Andrew The Sword and the Grail General
Sinclair, Andrew The Sword and the Grail Knights Templars
Smellie, Alexander In the Secret Place Religion
Smith, James Garthland St. Winnoch No 205 Lodge History
Smyth, Frederick A Reference Book for Freemasons Self Improvement
South Wales History Group The Reason Why, A History of the Province of South Wales History
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Stephen A. C. Masonic Songs and Poems Self Improvement
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Stewart, T. M. Symbolism of the Gods of the Egyptians Symbolism
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Stubbs, J. W. Freemasonry in my Life History
Supreme Council Rose Croix Scottish Rite
Tait, J. Watt Renfew County Kilwinning No 370 Lodge History
The Earl of Rosslyn Rosslyn Chapel Rosslyn Chapel
The Earl of Rosslyn Rosslyn, it’s Castle, Chapel and Scenic Lore Rosslyn Chapel
The Rosslyn Chapel Trust The Secret Life of Rosslyn Chapel Rosslyn Chapel
Thompson, Rev John The Illustrated Guide to Rosslyn Chapel and Castle Rosslyn Chapel
Tiddwell, D. D. A History of Gray Lodge No 329 Texas History
Treasner, Jim Vested in Glory Scottish Rite
Tresener, Jim Vested in Glory, Regalia of the Scottish Rite Scottish Rite
Various Founding of the Knights Templars Other Orders American
Various Orders of Chivalry Other Orders
Various Orders of Chivalry and Heraldry Other Orders
Various The History of freemasonry in Italy History
Venzi, Fabio Sommario de hominis Dignitate General
Vernon, Fred Provincial Grand Lodge of Roxburgh and Selkirkshire Lodge History
Vindex Light Invisible, The Freemasonry Answer to Darkness Visible Symbolism
Voorhis, H.V.B Fact for Freemasons Symbolism American

Author Title Category
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Wei,s Rene The Yellow Cross Religion
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Wells, Roy A. Some Royal Arch Terms Examined Royal Arch
Whitehouse Publications Whitehouse History History
Wilmshurst, W. L. The Masonic Initiation Symbolism
Wilmshurst, W. L. The Meaning of Masonry Symbolism
Wilson, William M. First Grand Master (Grand Lodge of Canada) History
Winston, Charles Montefiori No 753 Lodge History
Wood, David Genesis The First Book of Revelations General
Young, Robert Duke of Athol No 210 Lodge History
Young, Robin Requiem General
2014 Robert Burns
2003 to 2007, Spring , Autumn, Winter Robert Burns
2008 Spring Robert Burns
2009 Spring , Autumn, Winter Robert Burns
2010 and 2011, Spring, Summer, Winter Robert Burns
2012, Summer, Winter Robert Burns
2013 Spring Robert Burns
ARS Quatuor Coronatorum Volumes 10 to 15, 1897 to 1902 (61 in total) Research
ARS Quatuor Coronatorum Volumes 19, 1906 Research
ARS Quatuor Coronatorum Volumes 3 to 6, 1890 to 1893 Research
ARS Quatuor Coronatorum Volumes 80 to 129, 1967 to 2016 Research
Barns O’ Clyde No 1018 Lodge History
Blackridge No 1145 Lodge History
Burns Chronicle 1990, 1998, 1999, 2001,2002 Autumn, 2002 Winter, Robert Burns
Chapter of research Ireland Volume 1, 1998 Royal Arch
Chapter of Vigilance No 111 Darlington Royal Arch English
Constitution and Laws of The Supreme Grand Chapter 1995 Royal Arch

Author Title Category
Craigielea No 1218 Lodge History
Douglas No 1557 Lodge History
Freemasonry Today 2010 to 2013 General Masonic Magazines
Freemasonry Today, Symbols and Mysteries Symbolism
Freemasons Western Australia 2014-15 General Masonic Magazines
GL of Scotland Year Books 1952, 1955 to 2013 + 2016 (62 in total) Research
Hazeldean No 517 Lodge History
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Opus Dei, the Truth Behind The Myth Religion
Prince of Wales No 426 Lodge History
Ritual 1219 Rituals
Ritual 1359 Rituals
Ritual 1478 Rituals
Ritual 156 Rituals
Ritual 205 Rituals
Ritual of Freemasonry Rituals
Ritual of the Grand Encampment of the Knights Templars 1979 Knights Templars
Rose Croix Ritual Scottish Rite
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Statutes of the Great Priory of Scotland 1975 Other Orders
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The Ashlar 2001 to 2004 The Ashlar
The Ashlar Various between 2001 and 2015 The Ashlar

Author Title Category
The Complete Illustrated POEMS, SONGS & BALLADS Robert Burns
The Diamond Years, Babcock Lodge No 332 Virginia History
The Freemason at Work Symbolism
The Freemasons Raiment of Light Symbolism
The Grand Council of the Allied Masonic Degrees of the USA 1956 Other Orders
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The Lodge of Research Ireland No CC, 1963 t0 1968, 1969 to 1986, Research
The Masonic Temple Philadelphia History
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The Mysticism of Freemasonry General
The Proceedings of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland, 2007 to 2012 General
The Scarlet Cord Other Orders
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